engineering biotechnology solutions

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At PolyLinks, we specialize in manufacturing precision plastic parts for the biotechnology and life sciences industries. Let our experts guide you through the process—from concept to final product—of producing small, detailed parts to your most exacting standards.

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Our engineering staff offers an extensive background in tool design and molding to meet your custom requirements. From simple to complex, each part is carefully evaluated in order to produce the most efficient and cost effective tooling solution.

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This custom component was developed in conjunction with a leading supplier of research laboratory devices. Our goal is to work closely with customers and utilize their feed back to design and mold the product best suited for their application.

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“PolyLINKS goes to great lengths to master the smallest details of a project. They clearly want to do the job right the first time.”

Rob Connelly, Sr. Project Engineer, Becton Dickinson

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“When you’re planning on making 1000s, the last thing you want are returns. PolyLINKS makes it right and keeps it right so that your customer will want to keep it!”

Linda Simula, Purchasing Manager, Stovall Life Science